Design scheme for one of the rooms at boutique Nantucket hotel 76 Main
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Hotel Design

Our Nantucket Hotel’s interior design is a key part of our brand – live life well. We encourage our guests to feel as they are staying at an upscale Nantucket home rather than a cookie cutter hotel or a stuffy bed and breakfast. We’ve curated the interiors to feel like a sophisticated personal collection – from the gallery wall of influential and intriguing Nantucket locals to curated bookshelves in the lounge of Nantucket books and objects. The rooms are designed to feel as if you are staying in the guest room at a friend’s home filled with comfortable, warm and personal details.

Rather than incorporate the “Nantucket look” with overly themed beach and nautical furnishings we’ve remained more subtle and refined. Texture plays an important role in bringing in the natural Nantucket environment – shiplap wainscoting, grass cloth walls, and sea grass rugs all set an important tone in the space. Ask us more about the design and our interior designer, Rachel Reider, We love to talk about them!